Bryson Shaffer takes on the All-American 400

The young gun Bryson Shaffer has pieced together an absolutely powerful first full year running in the Pro Late Models. Bryson has raced throughout the southeast in 2021, with starts at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, Montgomery Motor Speedway, and Five Flags Speedway. Bryson Shaffer's #12 Toyota Camry powered into an 8th place finish at the Fairgrounds earlier this season, with multiple top 15 and top 12 finishes. Shaffer moved into the Pro Late Model division after beginning in the Legends series running mostly at Nashville Fairgrounds, where he has continued to run and gain knowledge throughout the season, with strong runs week in and week out. Bryson won Nashville Fairgrounds Championship in 2020 behind his strong performances in the Legends series.

This weekends All-American 400 is Bryson Shaffer's second attempt, his first coming last year. Last year's All-American 400 wasn't what Shaffer had hoped for, but he comes into this weekend's race at the Fairgrounds with much more experience under his belt. Shaffer and his team has made a focus on the 2021 season gaining experience and learning more about the Pro Late Model series. Bryson made his first start this season at a track other than the Fairgrounds, with those starts coming at Montgomery Motor Speedway and Five Flags Speedway.

Bryson Shaffer has made his name known on the track this season, showing that he has what it takes to compete with the best of the best. Not only has Bryson made his name known on the track in 2021, he has always made it known off the track. Bryson has created many new partners and gained sponsorships throughout this season. He is sponsored by Clark Family Homes, Hunter Ind