Bryson Shaffer Motorsports and Southern Creek Continue Partnership in 2022


Bryson Shaffer and Bryson Shaffer Motorsports continue partnership with Southern Creek Clothing Company in 2022. Southern Creek Clothing Co. will be the official apparel company for Bryson as well as featuring the Southern Creek logo on his car. You can purchase Southern Creek apparel on using "Bryson12" to receive 20% off your order.

Partnerships in racing come together many different ways. Last year in the summer of 2021, Bryson Shaffer and his Dad Tommy were introduced to Southern Creek Clothing Company after meeting owner Landon Adams at Montgomery Motor Speedway. The partnership between the two came together quickly after as they hit it off right away.

Southern Creek came on board Bryson Shaffer's Toyota Camry Pro Late Model and his legend car for the remainer of 2021 and beyond. Since then, BSM and Southern Creek have grown much closer and are looking to continue and build onto the partnership much more in the 2022 season starting in March. "We are excited to be working with Bryson and his family. Bryson is a great guy and he is the type of person that represents who and what we are at Southern Creek. I am really thankful Bryson and I crossed paths that day in Montgomery. I personally look forward to being one of Bryson's biggest supporters throughout this year and for many years to come." said Southern Creek Clothing owner Landon Adams.

Bryson Shaffer, the Tennessee native is looking to race both legends and pro late models at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway this season at his home track, coming off of a Rookie of the Year award in 2021 at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. As well as Nashville, Bryson is looking to run the Show me the MONEY PLM series full schedule at Montgomery Motor Speedway as well. His first race of the season will be on March 5th at Montgomery for the Alabama 200. "I am really looking